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Generational Differences

Participants learn what circumstances and world events shaped the values and attitudes of each generation, what motivates and de-motivates, and differences in learning and communication styles.

The four generations currently in the workforce are:

  • Silents (born 1933-1945) pragmatic, facilitative, loyal
  • Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) optimistic, competitive, focused on personal accomplishment
  • Generation X (born 1965-1976) independent, resilient, adaptable
  • Millenials/Gen Y (born 1977-1998) self-confident, collaborative, multi-taskers

Marcie wrote her second master’s thesis on the topic of Generation X/Y and Overwork (defined as being required to consistently work greater than 40 hours against their desire.)

Inspired by several participants in the leadership development program she manages, Marcie was curious about differences in generational attitudes toward work-life balance. She discovered that many GenX and GenY, especially females, are seeking greater time spent with family and friends, exercise, and community service, and are willing to trade lesser pay for lesser hours worked. Marcie uses her research findings to help her executive coaching clients understand how to recruit, motivate, and retain Gen X and Y, and to help Baby Boomers attain greater work-life balance.

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“Marcie was very informative and has a great sense of humor. She presented the information in a fun and easy way.”
Lockheed Martin Institute for Leadership Excellence. Bethesda, MD