Workshops & Public Speaking
Myers Briggs Personality Assessment
  • Discover how your personality preferences are similar and different than others
  • Learn to communicate with personalities different than your own
  • Apply your personality type preferences to career planning
  • Let go of limiting beliefs

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Generational Differences
  • Identify the time periods and names of the four generations in the workforce
  • Understand what motivates and frustrates each generation
  • Learn strategies to communicate and resolve differences
  • Obtain practical tips to manage your employees, your boss, or your teenagers.

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“Marcie was very informative and has a great sense of humor. She presented the information in a fun and easy way.”
–Student Lockheed Martin Institute for Leadership Excellence. Bethesda, MD
“Marcie was excellent at engaging the audience.”
–Audience member, National Management Association Western Leadership Development Conference Las Vegas, NV
“Thank you for your candid remarks, clarity of responses, and depth of knowledge—excellent!”
–Audience member, Bay Area Association of Psychological Type (BAAPT)
“Recognizing that the members of my department have a different preference for information sharing will help me to work with them more effectively. Seeing the team report was invaluable.”
–Workshop participant, MBTI and Working Teams